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Homemade Fruit Pie Contest 2022

Saturday, September 24th 2022

Pie Baking Contest Rules
  1. To enter, bring your pie to the Tebbetts Community Center Saturday, September 24th 8am – 2:30pm. Judging starts at 3pm.
  2. This contest is intended for amateur bakers only! Professional bakers or those who can earn a portion of their livelihood from baking or cooking may not enter the contest.
  3. Each contestant must bake one pie for judges to taste.
  4. Pies must not require refrigeration before serving.
  5. Each pie must be baked in a disposable 9″ pie pan
  6. All pies become property of the Tebbetts Community Club
  7. All entries must be turned in complete with ingredient list, the recipe name and contestant name (ingredient measurements are NOT required)
  8. Each pie must be made from scratch. You may not use pie filling. Pre-made store-bought crusts are acceptable. Each pie must contain at least a bottom crust.
  9. There is no entry fee to participate

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