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Incredible Show of Support

If you came to the Friday Night Dinner to show your support for Sam Richards – Thank You! Taking the page right out of Sam’s book, the evening was filled with great food, a laid back atmosphere where everyone was welcome, and a whole lot of great people. To say the night was a normal Friday Night Dinner at Tebbetts wouldn’t be fair though. Yes, the food is always great, and the sense of community and togetherness can be a heartwarming experience. This past Friday was something more.

Sam has touched the lives of so many people in his life, and as he suffers we are all suffering with him. The local community and the community Sam has built around himself came together to express their support, and to help lighten his burden in the only way possible right now. Accepting this type of support can be difficult for someone so used to giving to others, not thinking about himself. We are so thankful he allowed us the opportunity to give him a little bit back.

The massive turnout, the atmosphere, and the sense of community speaks volumes about the kind of person Sam is. It also speaks volumes about what he means to his community, and just how special he is to all of us.

Get well soon Sam.

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