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February 3rd

Due to unpredictable weather, NO DRIVE-THRU in January and February

The proceeds from the dinner will be donated to Donnell Leimkuehler.  Don has been battling kidney and bladder cancer for 2 years now.  He is receiving strong chemo treatments which are taking their toll on him.  Don is an active member of the Tebbetts United Methodist Church and the Tebbetts Odd Fellows Lodge.  The Tebbetts United Methodist Church, the Tebbetts Odd Fellows and the Tebbetts Community Club all are working together to make this a successful benefit for Don and his wife Caron.

If you would like to meet your neighbors and have a good time, come at 7:00pm to help with clean up. It takes a team to serve these great meals. Jobs are commensurate to your abilities…anybody can wash and dry dishes and we really need YOU! Or come at 5:30 to help with serving the food.

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